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Christians are unique in our desire to mix faith and work. But what’s the one unique contribution the Church brings to the world that you don’t find anywhere else? Grace given by Jesus. Grace-giving should also be the central mark of a Christian. It is a believer’s most vital bridge to connect people from outside […]

In our experience with passionate leaders like you, we’ve seen that a critical element to success is the community partnerships for your new business.  If you want to jump straight to the main points, here are some helpful links: Questions to ask as you get ready to pursue collaborations: Who are you looking to serve […]

As a leader, it’s likely that your brain naturally goes from an idea to executing the plan. You jump right into the business or organization startup process.  You aren’t alone.  The leaders who seek guidance from our StartNew Course often come into the process with an idea of how they will accomplish their mission; they […]

As you begin your venture, writing a strong fundraising pitch for your faith-based startup should be at the top of your “to do” list.  If you want to skip ahead, here are the 4 components of a solid pitch: Highlight pain points Introduce listeners to the person who’s leading the enterprise. Be clear about your […]

Do you have a passion project that you’d like to pursue, but you’re feeling confused and maybe even paralyzed about what comes next? Today, I’m going to give you access to practical steps to launch your faith-based business in order to reach your community.  Specifically, I’m going to introduce you to: Our signature process for […]

Humans tend to gravitate towards other humans like themselves. We move to neighborhoods where we share common values and economic desires with our neighbors. We worship with people who look more like us than not.  When tasked with building teams, we ten to perpetuate the same patterns. We default to members who think like ourselves, […]

You want to shake your fear of launching a new venture? Good luck with that. Every person I’ve ever helped launch — every single person — was afraid at one point or another.  Afraid of rejection by family or friends.Afraid that their idea would not succeed.Afraid of running out of money.Afraid of living in humiliation […]

I grew up in Austin, and one of the pastimes my brothers and I had on summer nights was to catch fireflies. We’d run around barefoot in the dark with glass jars which might trip all the safety alarms with today’s parents, but remember this was when good parenting was defined as throwing my 3 […]

One of my most spiritually rewarding experiences took place in a very irreligious setting.  It happened at Harvard University. Harvard began as a profoundly Christian university, but by the time I arrived for a one-week course in nonprofit management, the Christian ethos had left for higher ground. Christianity and the Ivy League had divorced decades […]

A Christian banker friend of mine once told me, “Money’s not the mission. But where there’s no money, there’s no mission.” Money — especially a lack of — can consume a church or non-profit, distracting it from the mission Jesus calls you to. Perhaps you’ve been there. You want your ministry to grow. You realize […]

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