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I grew up in Austin, and one of the pastimes my brothers and I had on summer nights was to catch fireflies. We’d run around barefoot in the dark with glass jars which might trip all the safety alarms with today’s parents, but remember this was when good parenting was defined as throwing my 3 […]

One of my most spiritually rewarding experiences took place in a very irreligious setting.  It happened at Harvard University. Harvard began as a profoundly Christian university, but by the time I arrived for a one-week course in nonprofit management, the Christian ethos had left for higher ground. Christianity and the Ivy League had divorced decades […]

A Christian banker friend of mine once told me, “Money’s not the mission. But where there’s no money, there’s no mission.” Money — especially a lack of — can consume a church or non-profit, distracting it from the mission Jesus calls you to. Perhaps you’ve been there. You want your ministry to grow. You realize […]

So when you unlock the door to your restaurant tomorrow or lead your video staff meeting next week, how will your Christian faith influence your leadership, and ultimately your business? As an entrepreneur — church-based, nonprofit, or business owner — how do you allow your faith to impact your company without overwhelming your company and […]

When Brad and Sherie Garrison launched The Luke Project 52 Clinic in Detroit, their vision included a prenatal and infant care clinic on wheels. Arriving there didn’t happen overnight. Entrepreneurial leaders often cast vision. They can see the future. They even tend to live in the future. Their future picture compels their work in the […]

In my experience as a coach, I’ve witnessed churches and ventures are born very organically. Such was the case with Rob Bailey and Southlake Church, a plant out of Gloria Dei Church in Nassau Bay, Texas. Rob was called by Gloria Dei to start a church south of Houston in 2017. He arrived in May […]

No matter your business or nonprofit, chances are you’ll encounter a funding crisis somewhere in your journey. Be it a pandemic that changes gathering rules or a major donor becoming dissatisfied with your organization, you’ll hit a funding road bump at some point. When that happens, panic is close at hand. Fear not. I’ve been […]

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