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In my experience as a coach, I’ve witnessed churches and ventures are born very organically. Such was the case with Rob Bailey and Southlake Church, a plant out of Gloria Dei Church in Nassau Bay, Texas. Rob was called by Gloria Dei to start a church south of Houston in 2017. He arrived in May […]

You want to shake your fear of launching a new venture? Good luck with that. Every person I’ve ever helped launch — every single person — was afraid at one point or another.  Afraid of rejection by family or friends.Afraid that their idea would not succeed.Afraid of running out of money.Afraid of living in humiliation […]

In our experience with passionate leaders like you, we’ve seen that a critical element to success is the community partnerships for your new business.  If you want to jump straight to the main points, here are some helpful links: Questions to ask as you get ready to pursue collaborations: Who are you looking to serve […]

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