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How Mixing Faith and Work Can Bring Hope to Your Customers
Faith & Work Seo Article

Christians are unique in our desire to mix faith and work. But what’s the one unique contribution the Church brings to the world that you don’t find anywhere else?

Grace given by Jesus.

Grace-giving should also be the central mark of a Christian. It is a believer’s most vital bridge to connect people from outside of Jesus’ family to those inside.

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But outside the church, grace is a unique concept. I get something I don’t deserve? 

How can you demonstrate grace to those outside of the faith? And how can you mix this kind of grace-giving faith and work?

Through our work with churches and business ventures, we’ve seen relationships built and grace exemplified in creative ways.

4 Creative Ways To To Demonstrate Grace To Your Clients And Customers

Mix Faith and Work With 4 Creative Ways That Will Demonstrate Grace To Your Clients and Customers

1. Give the grace of respect. 

It’s an incredible experience for someone to be the recipient of “undeserved” respect and kindness, and it certainly builds a bridge between the ways of the world and the ways of the Kingdom.

When I show you respect by —

  • Valuing your thoughts and insights, I’m demonstrating grace
  • Learning and using your name, I’m giving you grace
  • Noticing you for your uniqueness, I’m showing grace

We were all created at the hand of God in our mother’s womb and are all worthy of honor. 


This kind of respect made an impact on the individuals served by the staff and volunteers at Elli’s House, a street outreach ministry and home for women who have survived sex trafficking in Detroit.

The team’s consistency, care, and respect for the hundreds of men and women they interact with regularly on the street have led many to express their faith in Christ. Additionally, many have expressed their desire to grow deeper in their relationship with Him.

Sometimes grace is masquerading as simple respect.

2. Give the grace of serving.

In a world of sub-par service, your other-focused service will easily stand out in a crowd. 

As a Christ-follower, you know that serving others is really serving the Father, and this motivation impacts your level of service. In fact, you might find that some recipients of your service are uncomfortable; that’s okay. However, we want them to accept the reality that they’re worthy of love and kindness and, most importantly, grace. 


Rev. Mike Von Behren and his congregation from Holy Cross Lutheran have taken grace-filled service to the unchurched families in their community of Spokane, Washington.

After finding investors and creating their LLC called Ten Talents Ministries, Mike and his team purchased affordable housing to offer to the refugees in their town.

For three years, providing housing for three families (and even seeing an ROI on the investment), the group has continued to find creative ways to serve and demonstrate love to the families. For example, the church has put together holiday dinners for families, baby showers for expectant refugee mothers, and purchased and built bunk beds to improve the family’s living conditions.

This kind of continued, creative effort to serve their “customer” is undoubtedly a demonstration of grace in action and a simple way to mix faith and work. 

Approach every day and every person as an opportunity to give grace by serving them. 

3. Give the grace of questions.

People are often surprised when someone shows a genuine interest in them. However, when you ask questions respectfully and gently, those questions can demonstrate care, concern, and interest, and that you see worth and value in every individual. 

Furthermore, when you show interest in someone’s life by asking thoughtful questions, you can help them to reflect and think about their life and circumstances in a new way. This type of grace-giving prepares hearts for the grace of the Good News of Jesus. 

Thoughtful questions can open hearts to receive the ultimate gift of Grace.

4. Give the grace of hope.

Peter articulates this concept perfectly in 1 Peter 3:15:


“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”


People outside of Jesus’ family are as broken as those inside, though we sometimes forget that reality. Likewise, people inside and outside of the faith want similar things in life. 

Your customers, just like you, want lives filled with love and laughter. They want relief from internal pain and brokenness, but — unlike you — they don’t know the way out

Deep relief is found only in the person of Jesus. Only His words, “Your sins are forgiven,” offer the true healing for which we are all searching. Above all, that forgiveness provides true hope as it heals the most important relationship man has been given. 

Grace changes people. 

Startnew Unique Opportunity Grace

Your Unique Opportunity To Demonstrate Grace

Since you and your startup are now Jesus’ presence in their community, you have the unique chance to demonstrate the divine truth of Jesus in the way you relate to each individual. As such, it should impact your posture with employees, customers, and every person who comes across your path.

Does this mean you —

  • Sweep insubordination under the rug and let team members or employees do as they please?
  • Condone every behavior, not wanting to offend?
  • Tolerate customers who act selfishly, stealing or destroying what is not theirs?

Certainly not. Unfortunately, you still have to terminate employees or refuse to serve unlawful customers. Actually, establishing boundaries and giving people realistic expectations and limits can be very loving and grace-filled. 

What If We Mixed Faith Work By Starting With Grace?

Rather than try and fix the failings and change the behaviors of others right away, what if you started with grace?

Join the other StartNew ventures that are reaching people for Jesus in their communities. Here are just a few:

  • Hmong children in Merced, CA
  • Single Puerto Rican moms in The Bronx, NY
  • Homeless in Mesa, AZ
  • Church seekers in Clear Lake, TX
  • Business owners in Marble Falls, TX
  • Empty nesters in Schenectady, NY
  • Individuals in need of home repairs in Detroit, MI

Learn more about incredible examples of grace when you check out inspiring stories on our website

These aren’t just places on a map. Rather, these are hubs of hope to individuals who need to experience the grace of Jesus in a broken world

We can’t wait to see how God uses your launch and how you mix faith and work. The subtle ways you go about demonstrating grace through respect, service, questions, and hope, will become a catalyst for Kingdom impact in your community.

Learn more about building, funding, and launching your passion with 3 Steps To Launch A Faith-Based Business That Reaches Your Community. Or, if you’re ready for more, you can take our StartNew Course at your own pace.