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If you are going to launch a new venture, ministry, or nonprofit you’ll need to know how to build a great team. Click here for information on how to recruit and build great teams

In my experience as a coach, I’ve witnessed churches and ventures are born very organically. Such was the case with Rob Bailey and Southlake Church, a plant out of Gloria Dei Church in Nassau Bay, Texas. Rob was called by Gloria Dei to start a church south of Houston in 2017. He arrived in May […]

When Brad and Sherie Garrison launched The Luke Project 52 Clinic in Detroit, their vision included a prenatal and infant care clinic on wheels. Arriving there didn’t happen overnight. Entrepreneurial leaders often cast vision. They can see the future. They even tend to live in the future. Their future picture compels their work in the […]

Humans tend to gravitate towards other humans like themselves. We move to neighborhoods where we share common values and economic desires with our neighbors. We worship with people who look more like us than not.  When tasked with building teams, we ten to perpetuate the same patterns. We default to members who think like ourselves, […]

As a leader, it’s likely that your brain naturally goes from an idea to executing the plan. You jump right into the business or organization startup process.  You aren’t alone.  The leaders who seek guidance from our StartNew Course often come into the process with an idea of how they will accomplish their mission; they […]

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