Why ENGAGE with a Coach? 

Expands your potential, provides encouragement and keeps you moving forward

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What do you gain? 

A sounding board to test ideas
Build a strong team and have fun
Fulfill your mission and reach more people for Jesus

200922 Icons Maximize Potential
 Maximize Potential
200922 Icons Overcome Pitfalls
Overcome Pitfalls
200922 Icons Clear Communication For Your Vision
Clear Communication for Your Vision

Our Coaches

Tina Jasion Pic

Tina Jasion


Baltimore, Maryland

Passionate about moving ministry ideas into fruitful action, Tina founded the Faithful Innovation coaching practice in 2014 and podcast in 2018. She holds an ACC credential with the ICF. Tina came to Christian faith in her mid-20’s.

Dust Kunkel Pic

Dust Kunkel


Portland, Oregon

“I survived some bleak years, I viscerally get what it’s like to be a dying ember. Coaching is kindling your coals into a burning fire.”  Dust holds an ACC credential from the ICF, and a Masters in Experiential Education from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mike Mast Pic

Mike Mast


Bradenton, Florida

Mike is a certified coach, specializing in helping individuals and teams start new ministries, clarify direction, and move them forward in the area of their God given passion.

Jon Muhly Pic

Jon Muhly


Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Jon Muhly has served as a coach since 2014. Initially as a missionary in Russia & Central Asia, coaching was an invaluable tool to help in strategic planning with local church leaders and deployed mission staff.

Larry Rietz Pic

Larry Rietz


Austin, Texas

With 28 years of experience as a senior executive (vice president) for a Fortune 100 company, Larry comes with a strong background in management, information acquisitions, customer service, team building and communication.

Jorge Silva Pic 2

Jorge Silva


Fontana, California

Jorge Silva is a global entrepreneur, educator, coach, and mentor with over 30 years of global experience in companies ranging from non-profits to start-ups to Fortune 100 in multiple industries.

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The FiveTwo coaching process has provided invaluable accountability for our team to get together and tackle the tough issues of not only ministry start up, but the ongoing pivots that inevitably occur. We're stronger as a team due to the thoughtful questions and challenges our coach and the team at FiveTwo have presented us with.




As a team working to develop a new mission, Tina helped us truly work as a team and utilize each of our unique gifts and talents in the appropriate positions. Her probing questions enabled us to clearly identify the necessary next steps and avoid possible pitfalls. She really helped us to think outside of the box, and maintain focus on the sacramental aspect of our ministry. Having a regular coach call forced us to not let things slide but gave us encouragement to identify goals and helped us to set up our own responsibilities toward the process. She helped us focus on the process, was encouraging and never seemed to be hard on us. Our coaching experience with Tina made ALL the difference in the world to our mission and functioning as a team.




Imagine how you want to live out your life as a disciple of Jesus, who loves like he loves and lives like he lives in the place where He has sent you. Now, imagine that you have someone to come alongside of you to encourage you for the mission on which you’ve been sent. For me, Tina has been instrumental in framing the work of Jesus’ ministry here at Holy Cross and in our surrounding community. She asks questions that prompt reflection on the mission while also pointing to the future. My experience with Tina has been invaluable and I look forward to it continuing.