Dust Kunkel


As a coach for over 10 years, Dust specializes in leader development, team facilitation, and behavioral assessment.  You’ll find him a fierce advocate in your corner.  He is a credentialled debriefer for Harrison Assessments, and works best with leaders and entrepreneurial-types unafraid of powerful questions, focused on solving problems and the creative process.  

Dust says, “I grew up my first 17 years in West Africa, watching my parents develop education programs, launch new schools and ministries, and assist small business leaders and NGO’s in starting new.  It was normal for me to not have many material things, and to have friends and colleagues filled with love for life and joyful relationships.  Those years were a great gift, and I am thankful for their influence.  Life on two continents, and multiple cultures means I have an innate honor for each person.  I can get along with anyone from any background!  As a result of those years, a core value of mine is joy in relationships, and a mentality that sees problems as sparks to fuel my fire.  When talking about me, people use words like:  ‘coach, friend, proactive, wise, singer-songwriter, team-builder, playful, strategic, encourager, third-culture-kid (TCK), resilient, and fly-fisherman.’” 

“I’ve survived some bleak years.  I viscerally get what it’s like to barely hold onto a dream, to be a dying ember.  Coaching is how I partner with you to kindle your coals into a burning fire.  I’m naturally curious, with a drive to be the last one standing in adversity.  I call this the “problems are sparks” mentality.  The challenges we are most afraid of – these are the challenges that release the most creative energy when we face them courageously.  As a former whitewater raft guide, I know how to help leaders face rough water and come out thriving.” 

“I’m not for everyone, no coach is. I work best with leaders of every age-group who seek the good for those they lead, who seek truth in their lives, who see problems as sparks for lighting their fire, who don’t mind a little pain for a lot of growth and joy.”
Dust Kunkel, ACC