Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a team yet, can I join a cohort as an individual?

Yes. You do not need a team formed to join a cohort. A part of our StartNew Advanced training process includes walking you through how to build an effective team. You will have the opportunity during your training to form a team.

I work with a team. Will my enrollment include them?

Yes. We believe you work better alongside a team. You and up to 4 other team members will have access to all aspects of the StartNew Advanced experience.  Additional licenses for more team members are available.

Who has to show up to the first cohort?

While ideally you would have at least some of your team ready to start the process from the outset, if it’s only you who attends the first cohort session, that’s okay.  We’ll help you build your team.

How do I add my team mates to Advanced?

Once you register for StartNew Advanced, you will have the ability in your online dashboard to add your team members. Click on the Manage Users option and add their name and email. They will receive an email with instructions on how to set up their personal dashboard.

How can I get coaching?

StartNew Advanced includes one coaching session. Additional coaching sessions are available individually or as a package of 3. On the coaching page, you can find biographical information about the FiveTwo coaches, ask questions, or seek additional information and engage a coach.

What if I’m unsatisfied with my coach?

We offer a variety of coaches with varying experiences and personalities. If you are unhappy with a coach, we will be more than happy to work with you to find a more suitable coach to support you and your team. If you purchase a coaching package (3 or more coaching sessions), we will guarantee your satisfaction with that.

Is a coach really necessary?

In our experience, the support of a coach who can provide customized advice and support can greatly improve the successful outcome of the StartNew process and the resulting venture.

What will my weekly time commitment look like?

While this will vary based on the module and an individual’s own preferences and circumstances, the typical participant can expect to spend 5-10 hours per month, including consuming the lessons, completing assignments and exercises, meeting with your team, participating in the cohort meeting and preparing for such meetings.

How many courses are there and how long is each one?

There are 12 modules, with 52 short videos and nearly 50 exercises, each to be completed in between cohort meetings, and each one varying in length. Each module includes video components along with workbook material you and your team will work through together. Assume a total time commitment of 5-10 hours per month to complete the module, including time meeting with your team and participating in the monthly cohort session.

What is the course schedule?

You’ll have on-demand access to complete each course on your own time. Your facilitated cohort meetings to cover coursework will act as deadlines for the completion of each module. We strongly encourage you to have completed the course and applicable workbook material before your cohort meeting to ensure you get the most benefit out of your facilitated sessions. Cohort sessions will occur on a regular schedule, generally bi-monthly, or monthly, at a specified time and day of the week.

How long does it take to complete StartNew Advanced?

StartNew is a 12 module interactive process with facilitated discussion sessions on each module conducted via video conference. The length of time to complete the course will depend on the frequency of cohort meetings.  (Bi-monthly = approximately 6 months; Monthly = approximately 12 months).

What is a cohort?

A cohort is team-based learning. We believe the best way to think new is to surround yourself with a like-minded tribe who get you and want you to succeed. You’ll find your cohort to be a group of leaders who, like you, want to navigate the change in our world so that your ministry thrives and more people know Jesus. Cohort members may come from different backgrounds, but they’ll all have the same heart for Jesus. When people with different perspectives brainstorm together- more innovative ideas are uncovered.  You will proceed through StartNew with your cohort and will connect with them via Zoom every month.

What if my schedule doesn’t allow me to attend one or more cohort sessions?

Cohort sessions will be recorded and available to participants to review. If you have specific questions or needs that were not addressed in the cohort session you missed, you can consult with our facilitators during open office hours.

What are the included lessons?
  • Module 1 – Starting Well
    In Starting Well, you will tackle how Fear and Clarity plays into your journey. Information will also be shared on the benefit of working with a team.
  • Module 2 – Discovering My Divine Design
    In Discovering My Divine Design, you will dig into your beneficial traits that will help your success in StartNew. You will also gain a clear understanding of a Sacred Starter.
  • Module 3 – Aligning values for success
    In this lesson you will see the importance of aligning Jesus’s values and your personal values into your ministry.
  • Module 4 – Creating My Ministry Model: The StartNew Canvas
    In Creating My Ministry Model, you will be introduced to the StartNew Canvas, shown some examples of how the canvas is used, and begin applying this canvas to your start-up.
  • Module 5 – My Customer
    In this lesson you will clearly define who your client is, what their jobs are, and what are their main pains.
  • Module 6 – Serving my Customer
    You will now look at Serving your Customer. You will focus on designing a solution that speaks to their greatest pain. It will also be time to complete your StartNew Canvas.
  • Module 7 – Testing my Solution
    In Testing my Solution, you will work through a framework that will strategically help you test if your solution will be something your Customer wants and needs.
  • Module 8 – Simply Jesus
    In Simply Jesus, you will define how others will see and experience Jesus within your ministry.
  • Module 9 – How to Tell Our Story
    How to Tell Our Story will give you a precise, effective, and compelling process to share the story of your ministry with others.
  • Module 10 – Financial Sustainability
    It is important that your start-up is financially sustainable. In this lesson, you will gain insight and practical applications on how to reach sustainability.
  • Module 11 – Community Collaboration
    Community Collaboration will shed light on the importance of collaboration to your ministry. You will learn how to strategize, prepare and build important relationships.
  • Module 12 – Mapping Out Your Next Year
    Strategizing on what comes next is always critical. In this lesson you will use a tool called the Horizon Storyline to help you map out your short and long term next-steps.
What is the value of the leadership assessment?

The Harrison Assessment is a widely used and proven tool to provide powerful insight into your strengths and opportunities for growth as a leader as well as interactions with others. The Harrison Assessment measures diplomacy, risk-taking, intuitiveness and stress management, as well as many other traits.

I want to start a non-profit. Is this still for me?

Yes! StartNew Advanced combines entrepreneurial business principles with Christian theology. Think Mother Teresa meets a friendly Mark Cuban. We believe faith and business principles can be mashed to create a variety of ministries and non-profits that can serve and prosper in our rapidly changing communities. Our proven process has started —- nonprofits and can turn your God-given dreams into reality.

I’m a lay leader. Is this still for me?

Yes! StartNew Advanced is for lay leaders who feel called to do something more or dream of reaching their community. StartNew Advanced empowers lay leaders to discover innovative ministries that create more relationships with Jesus.

What happens after I complete the experience/all courses?

Network, membership…

Will StartNew help fund my ministry?

While StartNew Advanced is not intended as a fundraising aid, a part of our curriculum includes material that will educate you on how to fund your ministry.

What if I decide StartNew is not for me for circumstances force me to abandon my plan?

If a StartNew cohort registration is cancelled more than 30 days from the launch date of the cohort experience, it is 100% refundable and will be credited to the form of payment used in the initial transaction. If a StartNew cohort registration is cancelled less than 30 days from the launch date of the cohort experience, the registration fee is non-refundable, but a registration credit will be given to the attendee for future use. The registration credit can be applied to join an alternate cohort. The registration credit expires six (6) months from the date of the first payment made to FiveTwo.

What if I am unsatisfied with the StartNew material or process?

If at any point after starting the process you are not fully satisfied, contact us please. If we cannot resolve your concerns, we will provide a proportional refund up to 50% of the original purchase price.

Can you guarantee that my venture will be successful if I participate in StartNew?

Though we cannot guarantee the success of any ministry or other venture coming out of the StartNew experience, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the materials and the support you will receive from our team. If at any point after starting the process you are not fully satisfied, contact us please. If we cannot resolve your concerns, we will provide a proportional refund up to 50% of the original purchase price.

What if I have more than 5 members on my team?

If you want or expect to have more than 5 team members, we request that you contact us to discuss that in advance of your experience with StartNew Advanced. Experience has proven to us that success with larger teams is very challenging.  If, after consultation with us, you determine you want to include more than 5 team members in the experience, additional licenses can be added at the proportional cost.

What if I have multiple teams wanting to participate in StartNew Advanced? 

Please contact us to discuss pricing for 5 or more team purchases.

Will there be more cohorts?

Cohorts may be added based on upon demand and available resources.

What if a team member leaves and I want to add another person?

Licenses for Advanced, including access to the online materials and the monthly cohort session, are transferrable.  If a team member leaves, you can easily substitute another person into that slot in the StartNew Advanced experience. You will complete this task in the Manage Users section of your dashboard.